Monday, February 2, 2009

Premise Expansion

I've been bouncing ideas off the inside of my head while listening to the song my final animation is set to (Last Hour by Extreme) and I've come up with a few new things I can share.
I already laid out the premise of cat killing itself repeatedly and generally just going down a path of self destruction. Some added concepts are each of the 9 cat-ghosts building up a full band over the course of the movie, so it would end with an almost full ensemble of cat ghosts rocking out on their little instruments by the last lives.
Just some set pieces:
-Death situations: jumping off of top of tall building, gun to the head, violin(tennis racket?) factory, hanging (with idea put in the cats head by one of those inspirational 'hang in there' posters).
-Cat ghost totally shredding a guitar solo on a harp.
-Beginning fools viewer into thinking a street performer is singing the song, is soon reviled to be the cat.
Because the song is such a long one (5 minutes), a simple art style will be needed and the pacing of animation will be pretty slow. This does however tie in with the somber nature of the song.

In other pre-production news, I've been drawing lots and lots of sad cats. I've got a basic idea of what I want but I'm still tweaking those, I can post some sketches online later tonight.

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